What Makes a Human Believe in Gods – Intellectual Construction

If you ask the average person what makes a human believe in Gods, he will tell you, without giving you any reason, that he believes in God because of what he has seen. I beg to differ. What I have seen, does not make me a believer, it might be evidence that there is more to that belief than what the evidence allows. There is a saying, “If it smells like something good, then you should probably eat it.” I believe that it is the same for belief. It may be that what we perceive as belief, is but a small part of what makes us humans. Visit here for more information.

Some believe that belief is an emotion, caused by a physical experience, or a feeling. They then go on to say that the experience of seeing a light, or hearing a voice, or looking at a star, etcetera, triggers this emotion and causes the belief that the world is, or was, created by some supreme being, or beings. These beings are said to be gods. And from this belief, they infer that humans were designed to have gods for themselves.

Some more intelligent than the former however, would tell you that belief is a mental activity, and a belief could indeed be caused by an emotional experience. I would call this intellectual evolution. Intelligent people often believe things for which they cannot logically assign a cause. And sometimes that is the only way to explain a set of facts.

So it seems that what makes a human believe in Gods, is not necessarily an emotion, nor a physical event. Rather it is an intellectual or mental construction, constructed from observation and experience over many generations. I submit to you that this is far more reasonable and believable, than the premises that are usually drawn from science or religion.

Many religious people think that belief is an emotion. They think that if a child, or an adult, does not have a firm belief in a God, that they must not have had the experience needed to develop that belief. They base this on the premise that all such beliefs are based on physical events that can’t be changed. That might have been true in the past, but it certainly isn’t true now. So what makes a human being’s belief is an intellectual construction that can be changed over time.

This brings me to a final point. Science and religion have an interest in proving the existence of Gods. They have an interest in proving that Gods do exist. But they have no interest in proving that any particular God exists. To them, it doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad, or right or wrong, they just want to establish the fact that it exists.

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