Tips to Purchasing the Best MacBook Air

If you are looking for an all-around laptop, which can handle all your computing needs as well as be your personal media center, then look no further than the new MacBook Air. It is light, portable and extremely easy to use for the general consumer. While many reviews have claimed that this machine is the lightest laptop on the market, we found that it is not too heavy to be a good choice for the average consumer. Here are some more details about the MacBook Air. Click here for more information about bestbezellessmonitor.

The MacBook Air comes with a keyboard that is easier to use than any other Mac laptop on the market today. The MacBook Air comes with two options – one with the force touch function and another that have a trackball. If you are someone who loves typing on a physical keypad, the force touch option works well for you as you just lightly tap on the key using your finger and the computer responds immediately. However, if you are someone who enjoys using a keyboard, the trackball version is the way to go as you can easily move your finger around on the virtual keyboard to find the function you need.

One of the best features of the MacBook Air is the built in capability to access all of your favorite web sites, even if they have been downloaded to your external USB drive. The MacBook Air comes with two different options – one with USB space which is only available on the MacBook Air Pro and another that come with USB mini, which can also be used on the MacBook Pro but only with the older USB mini drive. This allows you to use your favorite web browsers and web applications like internet explorer, twitter and even your most popular social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. When you use the USB drive, you can access all of your files on a secure external hard drive with maximum security. Although the internet on the MacBook Air is slow compared to other netbooks, it has the ability to download everything that you need quickly and without having to wait.

For those looking at purchasing an Apple laptop, the best choice would be the MacBook Air as it has a design that is similar to the MacBook Pro, but with the added bonus of being able to connect wirelessly to the Macs wide variety of USB devices. All of these accessories will increase the value of your MacBook Pro and will increase your productivity while on the go. The USB dongle that is provided with the MacBook Air will allow you to quickly attach and remove your USB dongle and use it with all of your favorite mac applications.

The second most important accessory for your Macbook Air is the keyboard, which is only recommended for customers purchasing the MacBook Air who plans on using it on a regular basis. The MacBook Air keyboard has a smaller keypad than the standard keyboards offered with the MacBook Pro, however it is still large enough to accommodate the necessary keys for entering text. The size of this keypad also allows you to perform a wide variety of functions such as entering email addresses, web addresses and passwords, and even for switching between programs. For those who are constantly traveling or doing multiple tasks, the ability to type quickly and be in control of what you are working on is essential.

One of the newest technologies that the MacBook Air offers is the touch sensitive screen, or “intelligent sensor” as it is sometimes called by the tech gurus. This clever little device can recognize your fingerprint, much like a fingerprint sensor found on many of your new high-tech digital cameras. By using your fingerprint to unlock the screen, you can quickly enter applications and launch them without having to touch the screen itself. Although the touch sensitive screen is very useful and fun, the main reason to purchase this laptop is the high-speed, incredible performance that it provides.

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