The Best Cotton Sheets

There are many different types of cotton sheets available on the market today. Choosing a sheet that meets your needs depends on the quality you are looking for and on your budget. If you want a thick, luxurious bed sheet, you should be willing to pay more for it. For basic needs, like a bed sheet, you can get by with just about any type of cotton that you would choose for other bedding.

What To Look For When Buying Cotton Sheets Many shoppers tend to think of pure cotton sheets when they think of sheets. However, cotton comes in a variety of blends, including blends that have a higher percentage of polyester or nylon and that have a lower percentage of cotton. So the quality of the cotton sheets you purchase depends more on the type of weave used than on the pure cotton content. For thicker, luxurious sheets, what to look for is a tightly woven knit with a high thread count, a higher thread count is better for breathability, as the tighter the weave, the better the heat insulation is. Some sheets also have a special, decorative thread made from abalone shell; this adds an additional benefit.

Two of the more popular types of cotton sheets are oeko-tex and jersey. Oeko-tex is a light, airy fabric made out of fine thread. It is typically treated with a water repellant, so it is slightly more resistant to moisture than some other types of fabrics, but the price for oeko-tex is generally higher than jersey. Most sheets in the mid-priced range contain a blend of both oeko-tex and jersey.

A Luxe Core Sheet Sets usually contains either 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester, like most standard sheet sets. The sheets typically have a medium or full loom-weight, although the luxury sheets can also be found in ultra-light styles as well. Luxe core sheets are a great choice for people who want to stay away from the chills of wool but who still like the quality of cotton. They are a bit more expensive, but the extra expense is worth it when you consider the many advantages they give the wearer. These luxurious cotton sheets have a smooth feel and a modern design that combine pilling with a soft, comfortable feel. This article will assist you with picking the microfiber vs cotton sheets.

There are a number of things you should take into account before buying new sheets. First of all, check the thread count on the fabric. The higher the thread count, the softer the fabric will feel. Check the construction of the sheets as well: is it fully taped for strength? Is the construction weak, or does it use loose thread? Loose thread can cause the fabric to pill.

Most suppliers will be able to provide you with sheets from any of the four major brands. Your choices typically include Egyptian cotton sheets and Japanese pure cotton sheets, although other brands are becoming popular. Check your local fabric shop for recommendations of the best sheets in your area. In general, the highest thread count, the softer the sheets are. Japanese and pure Egyptian cotton sheets are typically a step above the other two, in terms of softness, but Japanese and pure Egyptian cotton sheets typically cost a bit more as well. Your local fabric store should be able to help you find the best sheets in your price range.

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