Quick Logic Puzzles

If there is a mathematical operation with the target number, that means that operation must be used to get the target number. There are thirty five puzzles included to get you started. Each logic puzzle includes statistics for its average completion time. Every five puzzles are grouped together with their own background story. Each group has a range of puzzles that get progressively harder.

MentalUP Logical Thinking Games are trusted by dozens of schools and over 10+ million families. MentalUP supports the development of logical reasoning and overall critical thinking skills of children. What logic-based puzzles or games do your kids like? We would love to hear any awesome logic puzzles for kids that have worked well for your family! Like some of the hardest math puzzles and math riddles, these puzzles can get very complex.

You clear digits by eliminating two digits that are a matching pair or that sum to 10. That is, the right end of a row wraps to the left end of the following row. Advanced Brain Puzzles – Despite the difficulty ratings, these brain puzzles are suited best for those with advanced levels of logic and math practice. These puzzles come in various forms and can have a nearly limitless number of different themes. But, at their core, logic puzzles present a series of clues and constraints.

Anyways, the developer was quick to reply, was super helpful, and it was abundantly clear that he cares a lot about the app. 1) I like how they start off fairly simple and gradually get harder as you go along. I personally like this method because you get eased in to the harder puzzles. Its games are easy to understand while challenging the skills which they are designed to stretch.

Figure out the players who were chosen to participate in the dream team. Every anniversary, 4 couples return to the spot they had their first date. From the giving clues, determine the date of the anniversary for each couple. Every year, just before Christmas, 4 friends get together and decide what they can do to help some of the needy families in town. Figure out which family each one is sponsoring this year. The local supermarket was introducing a new product range and samples were being given to customers throughout the day.

LightsOut is based on a deceptively simple concept. Clicking on a cell toggles that cell and each of its immediate neighbors. The goal is to turn out all the lights, ideally with the minimum number of clicks. There is a fairly easy method for solving the puzzles, but it will very rarely result in the minimum number of moves.

Tricky Math Problems – Most of the puzzles on this page can be solved by figuring out the trick behind them. There is also a special section of puzzles for computer programmers. Logic Calculator – Use this online logic calculator to figure out the truth of a multi-variable logic expression. Math Problems for All School Ages – Each problem here has questions geared towards elementary, middle and high school students.

The Math Circle – A long list of problems to please even the very advanced logicians. Historical Math – Learn about math problems that developed throughout history and try to solve them yourself. Math-Kitecture – Be an architect for a day and use math to help you measure and draft out a floor plan. Math Concept Puzzles – Check back into the archives of the last few years for lots of extra puzzles to work on. Solving Word Problems – Learn about the KISS strategy to solve problems in simple ways. Registered users can select from a number of different true/false icon sets to suit their visual preferences.

Gold Train FRVR is a logic game where you build train tracks so trains can reach their destination without any issues. You are given a network of computers, but all of the pieces have been randomly rotated. Rotate all the pieces such that all the computers are connected to the server, there are no lose ends, and all of the pieces are in use. Analytical Problems – Enter your solutions online and submit them to find out immediately if it is correct. Players also have the option of requesting a hint or showing the solution. Translation Problems – Check back each day for a new logic problem based on words and language.

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