Dragonfly Landscape Design For Your Yard

Dragonfly Landscape Design is owned and operated by Jon Bitzer and is one of the many contractors that he represents. Jon has been a landscape designer and consultant for many years and currently works as a freelance landscape designer. In his spare time, he designs model homes and tries to live like them to achieve an artistic perspective of what a home could be like. Dragonfly Landscape Design is one of many landscaping companies that he has worked with and has the best reputation for being the most knowledgeable of his peers in the industry. He designs everything from large cityscapes to small neighborhood lawns and everything in between.

If you are considering a dragonfly landscape design for your yard, there are a few things that I would suggest before you even begin. The first thing that I would recommend dragonfly Landscape Design is hiring a professional to do the job for you. While you may be able to learn some basic ideas, such as where to place plants, to help you design your yard, there are certain aspects of a dragonfly landscape design that only a trained professional will understand. A trained professional will be able to incorporate your personal taste into the design, while still keeping with the natural flow of your yard. I should also note that if you choose to not hire a professional landscape company to do the work for you then you should have someone do it that you trust to do it and have them follow through on the design.

The second thing that I would recommend is getting a book on dragonfly landscape design and planting. There are two books that I would recommend looking into, they are The Yard Book of Modern Landscapes by Patrick and Jennifer Carter and The Handbook of Residential Landscapes by Timothy O’Hara. I enjoyed reading these books and especially enjoyed reading about how to make your yard a “people’s island.” Basically what this means is that you have extra space in your yard to enjoy the people around you. With the placement of patios, decks, and walkways you can invite your friends and family to spend time in your new yard and spend time creating memories. This alone will give your yard a very warm welcome.

Now that you have your personal touch on your landscape design, the last thing that you need to consider is finding some dragonfly landscaping companies in the area that offer the services that you desire. Fortunately, dragonflies are so easy to find. You will just have to look in the phone book or do a simple online search to find landscaping companies in your area that offer the services that you are looking for. I would recommend having at least three different landscaping companies that you contact compare pricing and services so that you can get the best deal possible.

Now, back to my story. About a year ago I was sitting on my back porch enjoying the morning rain and a big leaf in the yard. Suddenly, I notice some insects buzzing around in the grass and decided that now was a good time to take care of them. The first thing that I did was to use some insecticidal soap on the bugs that were hanging around in my yard. After a quick spray and some wonderful raking done, I noticed that my lawn had a gorgeous lush green look to it and I couldn’t help but notice the dragonflies coming out of my grass to visit.

You can certainly learn about various insect control techniques that you can employ to get rid of pesky insects in your yard. What I am recommending, however, is that you get a professional who is familiar with jenner landscaping. I found a company in Palm Desert, California that has a very wide range of landscape designs. You can take a look at their website at their gallery page and learn about the wonderful landscaping that they can create for your home.

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