An Opportunity To Improve Arts At Grove Square Galleries

Grove Square Galleries is an acclaimed London-based independent contemporary art gallery and specialist commercial advisory service representing an eclectic international line-up of young and emerging artists. Established in 1998, Grove Square is one of the few London galleries to have won prestigious exhibitions including the Turner Prize, the Tate Britain Festival, the International Antique Fair and the Chelsea Arts Festival. The venue has consistently showcased the work of established and up-and-coming British contemporary artists whilst concurrently exhibiting the work of many people from different parts of the world. It is perhaps fitting that the flagship exhibition of this renowned London gallery is the solo exhibition of Pawel Brinkmann whose striking androgynal paintings portray organic forms and undulating shapes.

Pawel Brinkmann’s solo exhibition was conceived as part of the ongoing Londonart Biennial which utilises the public as a central resource for information and educational experiences. A major feature of the Londonart Biennial is the presence of an interactive studio where art lovers can interact with the artists. Here they can view and purchase any of the paintings by Pawel Brinkmann. The studio also features a small shop where major paintings can be purchased. The gallery is positioned between Grove Square and Soho Market Street hence enabling large amounts of traffic into the premises without causing any long delays.

In order to build a unique voice and approach to the business of Grove Square Galleries, the Gallery employs a strong advisory team that includes art consultants and marketing experts. This team helps to formulate the strategy that will enable the Galleria to build a reputation for consistently producing exceptional exhibitions. The advisory team is made up of a mix of people from various backgrounds with a common interest in supporting talented new artists both in UK and internationally. This team brings together the collective knowledge and experience of past and current artists to create an advisory board that meets regularly to assess the artistic trends and identify new talent. The artists are then invited to display their work at the Gallery to showcase their work and develop their careers.

Among the solo artists included in the Groove Square Galleries’ International roster are Canadian illustrator Christopher Segal, a former member of the Toronto group named ARK entertainment, and German photographer Dietrich von Segal. Canadian illustrator Chris Segal has exhibited extensively across Canada and the US and is well known for his humorous street drawings that have won numerous awards including the presto award at the Toronto Eye. Another artist with extensive experience in solo exhibition is German photographer Dietrich Von Segal, who is featured in ARK entertainment’s “On War” series. He is currently based in Berlin. German photographer Dietrich Von Segal is well known for his street photography that has won several awards including the prestigious Magnum photography Prize.

British artist Christopher Kieling, also from Canada, has also received commissions from ARK entertainment as well as fellow artists Rainer Teep and Maxime Corot. His installation view art focuses on structures and buildings while his oil painting series entitled “Building a Painting” series focuses on an image collage of his personal collection of buildings. American-based artist Maxime Corot exhibits urban illustrations that are informed by his travels around the world. His installation view art consists of outdoor structures and scenes.

These contemporary artists offer an exciting opportunity to develop their talents in an exciting venue. Artists are provided with an opportunity to promote their art while expanding their reach. Now people can enjoy these unique artistic creations at one of the city’s most distinctive public spaces. The Grove Square Galleries offers residents and visitors an exciting opportunity to explore the creative potential of contemporary artists in a new space.

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