About Bigfoot – How to Find Out If it’s True!

There are numerous stories about Bigfoot, a gigantic hairy hominid, but many are just urban myths. In truth, there are only two documented accounts of the legendary “Bigfoot” in the scientific community. One account came from a hunter who shot a Bigfoot and another from a photographer who tracked one. The first account came from Sitting Bull Shot, while the second was recorded by a trapper in grizzly terrain in northeastern Montana.

Bigfoot, also called Sasquatch, is said to be an ancient animal, similar to hominids. It is about a foot long, nearly as wide as a hippo, and has arms that look like those of a monkey. It is covered with thick hair, brown or gray in color, and may have some peculiar features such as a “somewhat concave-looking” eye, and a “longish tail.” Some sources say it resembles a modern-day alligator, but paleontologists disagree, noting that no alligator-like features can be found in fossils. It is most likely a large primate, according to experts.

Sightings of Bigfoot are widespread, although they seem to occur mostly in the southern half of the United States. A well-known example is the story told by Sitting Bull Shot, a trapper in northern California. He claimed that one of the first bigfoot encounters he had was in his late teens, when a strange, hairy creature grabbed his leg. It clawed him repeatedly, he said, until he let go of it.

Believed to be about seven feet in length and weighing about two hundred pounds, this creature had reddish brown tracks and a big toe, which according to some authorities was like that of a giant. Bigfoot’s most famous tracks are those found on a pair of leather boots discovered in February, 1947, near Hillsboro, Oregon. People from various parts of the world have reported seeing the footprints, which are approximately two to four inches in size. One of the footprints was so perfectly formed that even scientists were able to make out its shape. There have been other reports of bigfoot sightings in the same area, but these remain unconfirmed.

The recent reports of strange beings having strange features, including big toes, are gaining a lot of credibility these days. Most people are convinced that these creatures really do exist. There is not doubt that some kind of bigfoot lives in the forests of North America, but paleontologists have yet to discover any substantial proof. Some believe that these creatures may have evolved into huge, footless reptiles some time ago. They are also believed to be covered in a thick fur that protects them from the bitter cold of winter.

Pyle eyes are a great place to start looking for the truth about the mysterious puddle jumper. Other experts who are not convinced that these creatures really exist include Internet hoax investigators, and some dentists. Those who suspect that these creatures are real spend a lot of time searching for accurate information about bigfoot, especially the publication date. If there is no publication date, the internet search engine will not give up until the publication date is reached.

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